2018 Team Chubb Disc Golf

 Team Captain Curtis Coffin 


DOB: March 15, 1986

Home Course: Hazel Landing

Favorite Disc Golf Moment:  Shooting a -11 at  Mohawk to come back and win from the 3rd card. It showed me why we persevere and focus even on what seem to be rough days.

Advice to New Players: Your mental game will always be the gatekeeper to a better score.

Interesting Fact:  I have the best shorts game around.

Favorite Tournament Snack:  Tabasco Slim Jims and Sunflower Seeds

 Andrew Cornwell

DOB: April 13, 1986

PDGA: 78239

Home Course: Avon Town Hall

Favorite Disc Golf Moment:  Winning the Next Generation Regional Championship and winning a trip to the national tournament at Fountain Hills, Arizona

Advice to New Players: Play to  your individual strengths.  Learn what shots are most consistent for you along with which discs work. Play boring golf.  Keep throwing the same discs and learn them.  Putting is the key and mental game is a separator!

Interesting Fact:  In 2016 I played every Fall, Summer, and Winter series tournament in Indiana

Favorite Tournament Snack:  Fruit snacks and Reese Cups with Purple drink

Quote: I don’t get mad when I lose but grin when I win!


  Mitchell Johnson

DOB: May 15, 1986

PDGA: 94343

Home Course: Hazel Landing

Favorite Disc Golf Moment:  Battling it out on the top card at Honey Bear for my first tournament win!  It was a tight match all day and it felt great to persevere through a stressful match and come out on top.

Advice to New Players: Don’t dwell on the past, focus on the possibilities.  Your most important shot is the next one.

Interesting Fact:  I throw with the wrong hand, and I custom dye discs

Favorite Tournament Snack:  Cliff bars and Beef Jerky

 Melissa Asher

PDGA: 95005

Home Course: Hazel Landing

Favorite Disc Golf Moment:  2017 Bowling Green Amateur National Championships.  All of the people in Indiana were tracking our standings after every round and offering encouragement was really cool.  It was my first feeling of being a part of a tremendous disc golf community!

Advice to New Players: The faster you move on from a bad shot, the faster you can have a good one

Interesting Fact:  I used to play professional women’s football

Favorite Tournament Snack:  Not much of a snacker.  After tournaments I like kind bars and frozen agave lemonade from Panera.

 Joel White

DOB: March 4, 1981

PDGA: 87563

Home Course: Falls Park

Favorite Disc Golf Moment:  My favorite disc golf moments are the shots that fail so spectacularly that there’s nothing left but to enjoy the sight of it.  I’ve had discs roll back across frozen ponds and a head wind rip my putter from center chains to 20 feet behind me  Those throws that seem to defy physics.

Advice to New Players: High speed discs may sound exciting, but stick with mids and putters to help nail down your form first.

Interesting Fact:  I was in a movie once.  It was a pretty bad movie and I was only in one blurry pan-shot, but I think that makes me famous.

Favorite Tournament Snack:  Clif/Kind Bars

 Mitch Pitcock

PDGA: 65455

Home Course: Avon Town Hall

Favorite Disc Golf Moment:  Bringing my Dad to Emporia, KS to be my caddy for the 2018 GBO

Advice to New Players: Play within your own game.  Don’t throw a disc just because everyone is throwing it.  Throw what works for you.

Interesting Fact:  My favorite singer is Taylor Swift.  I know all her albums by heart.

Favorite Tournament Snack:  Red Bull before the round

 Ryan Shirley

PDGA: 27293

Home Course: Hazel Landing

Favorite Disc Golf Moment:  I have played for far too long to pick one.  All of my favorite moments start with a long trip with great friends. My favorite tournament is Throw Down the Mountain.

Advice to New Players: Practice putting.  It doesn’t matter how far you can throw if you can’t make a 15-20 foot putt.  Oh…and slow down.

Interesting Fact:  I have played over 200 different courses and my blood is made up of 75% caffeine.

Favorite Tournament Snack:  Granola Bars or Sunflower Seeds


 Chad Chubb

PDGA: 89723

Home Course: I’m at home on every course

Favorite Disc Golf Moment:  The trip there half the time. We travel in a group to every event. The conversations are always highly entertaining. I've never met a group of people I've ever fit in with better. 

Advice to New Players: Don't take it too serious. Priority number one is to always have fun. You'll have bad shots, you'll have bad games. Learn from them and enjoy them. 

Interesting Fact: I make easily the best from scratch cookie known to man. My favorite place aside from the course is the kitchen. I could spend hours cooking and lose track of time. 

Favorite Tournament Snack:  Just ice cream following the round….lots and lots of ice cream