Our Favorite videos to learn from!


    We love field work! Really. We love it. You'll get most of your gains doing field work, not on the course. Want putting help? Well, our CEO isn't the best guy to ask about putting. However, our CEO spends a lot of time doing field work and always welcomes you to join if you're in the Central Indiana area. Some ideas are universal. Snap, Bracing, Follow Through, Power Pocket, those are all universal ideas that every player must grasp. There are a lot of different ways to throw a disc the same distance and we believe body style plays a major role in this. Lets cover the universal ideas first.


1. "feet together drill" This should teach you what Bracing is. It's critical for a cleaner form and one that will put less stress on your body.


2. The Heavy Bottle Drill! This is a game changer. It helps figure out snap quickly. practice this daily until you get it and not by a window or drywall you don't want to patch. Don't ask how we know...


3. Anything Danny Lindahl does. Seriously. Danny has a very well thought out and well articulated series of videos and he covers every single topic possible. A critical idea covered is snap!


4. Remember we said how critical field work is? Here's a great video of drills. Danny is such a solid player and all around great guy, we hope you'll subscribe to his channel to see future content he puts out.


Body Type changes our technique to a degree. We highly recommend finding a body style of a professional and trying their style. Here's a few videos showing some different styles. Will Schusterick has a great video showing his form. It's effective and well worth watching.


Dan Beto shows a great breakdown of his form and the X step in reverse. It's a must watch video too.