Lost disc!

We want to return every disc we retrieve. You can collect your lost disc in person at any of our events providing you contact us a day PRIOR to the event so that we can bring your disc to our event at NO CHARGE. That includes our league on Sunday and Thursday in Hamilton County. 

If you can't make any of our events and would like your disc shipped, please contact us at Sales@Chubbdg.com and we will ship your disc to you for $4.00  for 1 disc or $7.00 for 2 or more providing you're inside the US. Outside the US, additional fees will apply. 

Alternately if you buy two discs from www.Chubbdg.com we will include it with your discs at no additional charge. 

We will only hold a disc for 90 days. 

Discs without names or numbers will be posted on Central Indiana Lost and Found

Unclaimed discs will be donated to new players, or auctioned and the proceeds will be used for our restoration project of Morse Beach. Once that project is complete will will move on to help fund another area course, likely Brookside. Don't want your discs? Donate it! Questions? Please contact us at Sales@Chubbdg.com