Horseman Summary

Official results can be found here

We had a full event. Our CEO couldn't attend due to illness but many stepped up to make sure the event ran very smooth. Thank you to those who donated there time and passion for this event. Thank you to the players who came out in the cold rain to play some disc golf. 

Our payout structure was straight forward. 

The trophies were paid for by donations. 

The treat bags were kindly donated by Ryan Shirley. 

The CTPS were also donated. Many.. many by Ryan Shirley.

Your PDGA fees were $144.00 donations covered most of those. What remained was paid on your behalf. 

What came out of payouts? Nothing. Just payouts. Between the prize pool at Voucher you have 100% or more payouts for this event. We hope you enjoyed this event as much as we did.  

Here are the payouts!