I'm no Bob Ross

Ever wonder how the great artists get great? Plenty of mistakes. This, is where you'll find all of our mistakes. Well, not all of them. In 1997 I ate 3 hot dogs from a gas station that looked like they had been boiled. I knew that was a bad idea but I did it anyhow. That's a mistake you won't find here. 


But that's not why you're here. Here's what you'll get for 14.00


Free shipping anywhere inside the US in a box, with tracking. 

1 premium plastic disc from Innova, Dynamic discs, Latitude 64, Westside or Disc Mania.

One really bad dye job. Experiment, accident, bad ideas, just plain ugly. It could be all of those in one. Roll the dice and try a disc you may not have at a cheap price. You won't be throwing pretty, but you'll be throwing unique and at a really great price. 

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