Winter Disc Golf

Winter Disc Golf

Here in Central Indiana we're fortunate enough to have several great courses nearby. The warmer months are of course, fantastic to play Disc Golf in. Many in our sport stay in during the colder months. They're missing out! Last year I logged around 6 miles a day on a course during the winter months. I learned a lot of great things that kept me warm on the course. 

For a quick round every day, I found minimal improvements were needed over what I was previously using for my normal winter routine. Once you get moving, you'll find you warm up pretty fast. 

Tournament play is a different thing all together. 6 hours on a course without preparation leads to some rough cold play. Here are a few tips that will keep you playing during the cold winter months.

1. Thermals! I've tested several Thermals and so far the clear winner is the Under Armour 4.0 Base layer. They're costly and for a good reason. They're warm enough to reduce you to 2 layers in very cold weather without feeling the extreme cold. Other options are available too. A lighter set can be had for as little as 20.00 if you shop around. 

2. Hand warmers are a must. I've found Hot Hands to be decent quality. The 18 hour version is probably the warmest in my opinion. Other off brands seem to stay cold. I've had a host of rechargeable and Zippo filled versions. Nothing is as warm as the disposable version in my opinion. 


3. Mitts! I love my mitts. I put a few hand warmers in them and my hands are toasty even in sub zero weather. 

4. Don't layer socks. One of our local players pointed this out to me last year. You want to keep your feet warm and more importantly, dry. Wet feet are cold feet. I like disposable feet warmers from Hot Hands as well. 

5. A good hat. A warm hat is a must. Something that covers your face is great, providing it breaths and moisture doesn't accumulate on your face. 

One of my favorite things about winter is how quiet the parks are. Usually the only thing you'll find on them are a few other Disc Golfers. The best thing about winter Disc Golf is you gain a season of experience that some will skip. 

What are your winter playing tips? I'd love to hear your suggestions too. For those of you not playing during the winter, why not? 

If you're in the Indianapolis, Carmel, Fishers, Westfield, Hamilton County area, there's a medium size group of us that play the entire winter. Join us and see how amazing winter Disc Golf can be. 


(Photo Hazel Landing December 13th 2016)